Own Your Narrative

Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Monday May 13, 2019
Tags: general

In my local paper,​ there was a story about a guy doing something dumb, the internet found it and now the insanity has started spiraling. He was fired from his job, now getting death threats, and on and on. The article ended with a quote from him saying, “now when anyone searches his name this event will be the first thing that comes up and will continue to affect my life”.

This is a reminder of why it’s so important to own your own narrative. Have your own blog or website where ​you can control the SEO, you can respond to whatever event on your own terms, and bypass the journalist that have their own narrative that may not match your own.

Many (most) journalists​ are spin doctors and they already know the angle they are going to take on a story before they even contact you. They will take your quotes out of context and they will bury if that is what their story calls for. Without having your own medium to fight back you might be at their mercy, and that is not somewhere you want to be.

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