NYC marathon preparation started

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Hi all! Here’s an update on my latest leisure time activities.

In April this year I ran my very first marathon: the Rotterdam marathon.

3:29:21 #mr15. The crowd was amazing! #marathon #rotterdam

Een foto die is geplaatst door Hannes Van De Vreken (@hannesvdvreken) op 12 Apr 2015 om 11:15 PDT

It was until that day (12th of April) that I kept telling others and myself that this was a one time thing. Though, after the race I was so happy with my result, that I just stopped saying wether or not I would do it again. Some time was needed to reflect on my result, wether I wanted to go faster, wether I could push my body even further, and whether I could afford the time needed to improve.

After my first marathon

Four days after the Rotterdam marathon I was able to run (painless) again. The weeks after that I ran a lot: 6 or 7 times a week. No fast running, no workouts, no more than 20 km per day, no more than 150 beats per minute heart rate. In the mean time I talked to a few people on marathon running, ultramarathon running (42+ km) and trail running. The more I talked to people, the more I wanted to have a goal again. So I started to assemble a calendar of all kinds of races that will take place in late 2015.

Picking a race

On May 28th I registered for, not one, but two marathons. I applied with a good cause initiative which had 50 bib numbers for the TCS New York City marathon. I believed my odds were little, so I didn’t wait for this.

A few people told me the Eindhoven marathon is a great race, has good atmosphere, and it’s just a short drive by car. It’s a great race to run, so I registered for this one as well.

On June 23th I received an email I didn’t expect to receive.

It's official now: I will run the @nycmarathon on the first of November!

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