NextBASIC new routines switch out the "original" ROM [til/spectrum]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Aug. 31, 2020

In trying to blanket copy a block of the Spectrum's ROM using PEEK$ it turns out that in using PEEK$ the ROM isn't actually available to be copied.

This was the code:

REM system font position @ 15616 / 0x3D00
REM using string peek because it can read variable length
f$= PEEK$ (%b,768)
REM poke the contents into a new location
POKE 64000,f$
REM this should have printed the '!' character

This doesn't work because when you use PEEK$ a different ROM is paged in and the memory map changes. So you’ll never be able to do it like this. Indeed this is true for all new NextBASIC routines.

Originally published on Remy Sharp's b:log


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