New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

Written by / Original link on Mar. 15, 2022


Yesterday, Safari 15.4 got released, and it contains a ton of good stuff that we’ve seen land in the Technology Previews before.

With over 70 additions to WebKit, Safari 15.4 is packed with new web technologies, updates, and fixes. We’ve assembled a huge release as part of our commitment to web developers, and the people who use the web. This is the first big WebKit release of 2022, and we’re just getting started.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list: Native Lazy Loading (for images), <dialog>, :has(), @​layer, new viewport units, :focus-visible, accent-color, trigonometric fns in calc(), text-decoration-skip-ink, BroadcastChannel (🔥), scroll-behavior, structuredClone(), Array#at(), Intl updates, …

It’s good to see Safari pick up the pace again, landing support for both new and some old features in this release. The support for CSS Containment Level 2, for example, opens up the road for Container Queries which should land later this year as it’s part of Interop 2022. I personally hope that the Safari team can continue on this elan.

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