New swag available on the Symfony Store, get yours!

Written by Symfony blog / Original link on Nov. 20, 2020

This year, Symfony turned 15! To celebrate the special occasion of Symfony’s 15th anniversary, we’re super pleased to announce the launch of the special edition of our Symfony's 15th anniversary sweater. Buy this exclusive elegant unisex blue fog sweater branded for Symfony’s 15th anniversary and complete your Symfony swag collection. Only available on the Symfony Store! Wear your love to Symfony!

We also launched a limited edition of the Symfony elephpant: a grey 15 years Symfony elephpant! You already have the regular black one, the special edition of the 10 years Symfony elephpant and the regular grey one? You have none of them? Well it’s time to bring back home this cute Symfony elephpant. For now, the small elephpant is only available for purchase if you are registered to SymfonyWorld 2020. If you forgot to buy your conference swag when booking your conference ticket, you can still buy it later from your Symfony account, think about it! Interested in the big 15 years Symfony elephpant? Get it on the Symfony Store!

Still available on the Symfony Store:

Our other regular Symfony swag is still on sale and our special discount on big order, when you order 10 or more small Symfony elephpants, is still on! For any 10 small Symfony elephpants package bought, we offer you a free one, on top of your order (you'll then receive 11 elephpants). Select 11 small elephpants and add them to your cart, then use the following discount code to get your free one: BIG_DEAL_GREY for an order of 11 small grey Symfony elephpants

Buy online all our Symfony swag and receive it anywhere. Prices are excluding taxes and shipping is calculated depending on your shipping country. Visit our shop today and wear Symfony's special outfit and accessories. Show your love to the framework!

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