Myth #31: UX design is a step in a project

Written by UX Myths / Original link on Mar. 16, 2011

Many think that user experience design is confined to sketching the interfaces. However, UX design is a much broader process that - ideally - starts at the strategy level and affects the whole lifecycle of a project or a business.

UX design begins by learning about the business model, doing user research and understanding how a service can fit into the users’ lives in a meaningful way. Thus UX design has a crucial part in defining the business strategy, providing baselines for business decisions with such design deliverables as personas or user stories. A UX-driven process doesn’t end with the UIs either, it’s also about testing with people, supporting development, making ongoing adjustments even after the launch.

How UX design is way more than user interface design:

Some UX design process examples:

Zoltán Gócza

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