★ My current setup (end 2020 edition)

Written by / Original link on Nov. 28, 2020

After tweeting out a screenshot, it often get questions around which editor, font or color scheme I'm using. Instead of replying to those questions individually I've decided to just write down the settings and apps that I'm using.


I mainly program PHP. Mostly I develop in PhpStorm. Here's a screenshot of it:


I'm using phpstorm-light-lite-theme which was handcrafted by my colleague Brent. The font used is IBM Plex Mono: an awesome font that you can download for free in the official IBM repo.

Like seen in the screenshot I've hidden a lot of things of the UI of PhpStorm. I like to keep it minimal. I use the settings sync feature of PhpStorm to backup my settings to this repo on GitHub.

I like working using a light based theme. In some circles this is maybe a bit controversial. Watch this excellent video by my colleague Brent to learn what the benefits of using a light based theme are.

Mostly I work on Laravel projects. One of my favourite PhpStorm extensions is Laravel Idea, which can do stuff like autocomplete route names, request fields, and a whole lot more. It's paid, but definitely worth it.

Terminal #

Here's a screenshot from my terminal.


All my terminal settings are saved in my dotfiles repository. If you want the same environment you follow the installation instructions of the repo.

My terminal of choice is iTerm2. I'm using the Z shell and Oh My Zsh.

The color scheme used is a slightly modified version of Solarized Dark. The font used is a patched version of Menlo. I'm using several hand crafted aliases and functions.

MacOS #

I'm a day one upgrader of MacOS, so I'm always using the latest version. I also sometimes dare to use beta versions of MacOS when people are saying it's stable enough.

By default I hide the menu bar and dock. I like to keep my desktop ultra clean, even hard disks aren't allowed to be displayed there. On my dock there aren't any sticky programs. Only apps that are running are on there. I only have a stacks to Downloads and Desktop permanently on there. Here's a screenshot where I've deliberately moved my pointer down so the dock is shown.


I've also hidden the indicator for running apps (that dot underneath each app), because if it's on my dock it's running.

In my dotfiles repo you'll find my custom MacOS settings.

The spacey background I'm using was the default one on OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you would like to use a class OSX background to, head over to this page at

These are some of the apps I'm using:

iOS #

Here's a screenshot of my current homescreen.


I don't use folders and try to keep the number of installed apps to a minimum. There's also just one screen with apps, all the other apps are opened via search. Most of my time is spent in Safari, Pocket, Reeder and Tweetbot. Notifications and notification badges are turned off for all apps except Messages.

Here's a rundown of some of the apps currently on the homescreen:

Hardware #

Here's a picture of the desk I have at home.


Behind my desk there's a Hue Light Strip. When working in the evening, I like to set it to a moody color.


I'm using a Macbook Pro 16" (2019) with a 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 processor, 16GB of RAM and 1TB hard disk.


I usually work in closed-display mode. To save some desk space, I use a beautiful vertical Mac stand: the Twelve South BookArc.

In the pictures ave you also see:

I play music on a HomePod stereo pair. To stay in "the zone" when commuting and at the office I put on my QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.

My current phone is an iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128 GB of storage.

Misc #

In closing #

Every year, I write a new version of the post. Here's the 2019 version.

If you have any questions on any of these apps and services, feel free to contact me on Twitter.


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