Meetup in Bordeaux: Keep an eye on your PHP/Symfony app’s performance

Written by Blackfire - - Aggregated on Wednesday June 13, 2018
Tags: afsy, meetup, performance

The afsy is the French Association of Symfony Users. They’re very active and organize high quality meetups all around France. The next meetup is held in Bordeaux, at Clever Age’s offices.

And we’re very happy to know that one of our community members, Mickael Andrieu, is doing a talk on Symfony performance & Blackfire. Mickael has had the possibility to work a lot with Blackfire, through his work at Prestashop and other side projects. He knows Blackfire inside out, from the free Edition to Enterprise. OpenClassRooms will very soon release a new lesson on PHP performance Management (especially with the use of Blackfire), built by Mickael.

Don’t miss out on this event if you’re in Bordeaux!

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