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Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Sep. 25, 2014

With a week to go, everyone attending PHPNW is starting to get excited. One of my highlights of the weekend is always the hackathon; as an open source project lead it's fantastic to meet new contributors and get a chance to hack in person with them and the more established people from the project.

This year will be no exception: PHPNW's Hackathon is on the Friday evening - you need a conference ticket, and you need to tick the "hackathon ticket" box. will be there and we've got a very big todo list so if you are looking for something to hack on, then look no further!

How To Get Involved

Come and say "hello, I'd like to get involved" :) If you're super keen, then feel free to grab the development platform beforehand (it saves a lot of time on the night), by following the installation instructions here: This will set up a virtual machine with all the various bits of database, API and website all configured correctly so you can start developing.

Are you coming along to the hackathon? Do you already know what you want to hack on? Leave a comment and we'll see you there!

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