Joind.In Needs Help

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Aug. 14, 2016

This post is about the open source project, is a tool to allow attendees at conferences or other events to offer immediate public feedback to speakers and organisers at those events. is an open source project run by volunteers. For the last 6 years I've been a maintainer of this project, following a year or two of being a contributor. Over the last few months, myself and my comaintainer Rob Allen have been mostly inactive due to other commitments, and we have agreed it's time to step aside and let others take up the baton.

What Does Need?

It needs people who believe in it to participate in whatever way appeals to you! Off the top of my head:

If you're interested, you don't need permission before taking action, please step in with the above and anything else you wish was happening around We use IRC for project communication so find us on freenode in the channel and let us know if there's anything you want to do that you need help, advice or additional user permissions for! There's always people around in the channel to talk to.

So You're Abandoning The Project?

In the first instance, no. We'll endeavour to keep the lights on, events approved, email support going and security fixes etc applied. I guess if we aren't pushed aside by a rush of people who believe the project has a future, then that might change, but for now there is no emergency.

Open source is most powerful when we pursue our passions and my journey as a speaker and event host over the last 8 years or so would have looked very different without At this point and after a major recent job change, I'm excited about many other things and this project that has taught me so much in terms of PHP development and technical leadership is no longer high enough up my extensive todo list to get the regular attention it deserves. If the project isn't important, it will keep on winding down. If it is important, the community will pick it up - this wasn't originally my project, and now it is time to hand it forward.


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