JavaScript to Know for React

Written by / Original link on Sep. 13, 2019


Good article by Kent C. Dodds, covering the JavaScript paradigms which are used quite a lot when writing React apps.

Learning JavaScript features is really advisable for you to be effective building applications with React. So here are a few JavaScript features I’d recommend you spend some time learning so you can be as effective as possible working with React.

I’d even dare to say that the title should’ve been “JavaScript to know in 2019”. Things like destructuring and spreading are really useful, whether you’re writing React or not.

JavaScript to Know for React →

1f481-200d-2642-fe0f.png On a sidenote: It’s easy to confuse React-specifics with ES2015-specifics since React uses a lot of the new ES language features, something I talked about in my post RE: The React is “just” JavaScript Myth

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