January 18 – Beyond Performance

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Day Camp 4 Developers

If you’re selling widgets, offering a service, or publishing information a slow web page or application will cost you in the long run. User’s don’t wait and if your page takes too long to load, they’ll go somewhere else. Just one second slower will drop page views, customer satisfaction, and conversions. Search engines, including Google, penalize sites with slow page loads by ranking them lower in search results. Also, mobile users may not enjoy the fastest connections when not connected to Wi-Fi. While PHP 7 revolutionized application performance and reduced memory usage, there’s always more to do to squeeze out every performant drop for your online application.

Beyond Performance is a one-day, online conference organized by Day Camp for Developers on January 18th, 2019. They have a great lineup of performance experts to teach you the ways to make your code perform faster. Their lineup is:

Go see the full descriptions and register for an individual, office, or enterprise ticket to reserve a seat today.

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