Introducing - Tees, Mugs, and more for Developers and Geeks

Written by - Blog / Original link on Jan. 31, 2021

As a developer, I LOVE my geeky t-shirts and mugs, but it's hard to find quality products with designs I like. I've therefore been hard at work these last few weekends putting together my new project:


I'm excited to share that just launched this Sunday! There are currently 28 products in the store and I hope to add more in the coming days and weeks. Everything here was designed by me mostly because they're all things I'd want to buy and wear myself. (In fact, I'm my own first customer!) I figured perhaps others might like them too, thus this store was born.

This is my first personal ecommerce site so I would really love to hear what you think about it! Do I have a good mix of products? Anything that I'm missing?

And if you see something you like, check out for a coupon code and a contest form to win anything from the store for free!


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