Hello & 4 New UX Components

Written by Symfony blog / Original link on Jun. 21, 2022

I love Symfony UX. And last week during Symfony World Online, I had the pleasure to talk about it and reveal several new things that we're super excited about!


To get all the details, we've made the Symfony UX: New Components, Live Twig & More Updates available for anyone to watch free.

But first, What is Symfony UX? anyways? I've come to this short definition. It's (1) a Stimulus integration with your app & (2) a plugin system for extra Stimulus controllers to solve common problems, like rendering charts, cropping images and more.

18 months after Symfony UX was still released, we're adding new UX packages to solve new problems. In fact, we've just released four new components:

But, as much as I love Symfony UX, I think we've done a poor job talking about and promoting it. After all, JavaScript tools are meant to be seen and played with!


To solve this, we've just launched a playground for touching and sampling each UX component. See what it feels like to work inside a <turbo-frame> or send real-time page updates with Turbo! Try out the Ajax-powered autocomplete component, see a React component rendered in Twig or try the Image Cropper in real life.

One of the most interesting sections is about Live Components: a "Swiss army knife" library that allows you to create highly-interactive interfaces with zero JavaScript. We've already released several demos that show the power of this component, including rendering CollectionType forms (with add/remove buttons), "dependent form fields" and real-time form validation entirely by writing PHP and Twig: no custom JavaScript needed.

The new site itself is also open source and written using all of the UX tools. It's another great way to see real code behind solving real problems.

Have fun!

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