Goodbye March, Hello sweet April 2021

Written by Michael Brooks - RSS Feed / Original link on Apr. 2, 2021

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What happened in March?

Tiff and I started our “March for March” pretty strong, but we lost motivation after a couple of unfortunate weeks. Not a lot happened after that, if I’m honest. I have been hard at work with blog posts, started 100 posts in 100 days challenge, and working hard on my weekly newsletter.

What I’m looking forward to

The days are starting to get lighter. We’ve now entered British Summer Time (GMT+1), and things are looking more positive. Lockdown is easing, and we’ll soon be able to visit friends, families and other people. We can now visit 5 other people outside, which is a great start.

I look forward to seeing my mum and going out to restaurants. The weather is getting better, and the days are warmer. The outset is starting to look much more positive, and I can’t wait to see what April holds.

Last months blog posts

What’s in store for April

We don’t have any plans for April, maybe as things start easing, we can start to make plans.

What are your plans for this month? Have you got anything you’re really excited about? Let me know in the comments below. 1f53d.png

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