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The Dutch PHP Conference 2017 in Amsterdam is a PHP event I’ve been attending since 2008 (with 1 or 2 exceptions).

It makes perfect sense to me to attend this conference for a variety of reasons:

I was there as a regular attendee, and not as a speaker this time. I spoke there on many occasions.  The Dutch PHP Conference edition 2010 was my very first international speaking gig. It launched my career as a public speaker and ever since I’ve been doing very well. I’m still grateful for the opportunity.

Although I wasn’t selected as a speaker for the main conference, I did speak at the uncon about ProxySQL.

The vlog

I also made a vlog about the entire experience.

You’ll notice that the episode does not start in Amsterdam. I had the idea to leave a day earlier and visit our offices in The Netherlands to meet some of my colleagues.

Check it out:

Dutch PHP Conference 2017

Edition 2017 seemed very attractive to me: the speaker lineup was great and included a bunch of my community friends. So not only would I see great presentations, I would have the opportunity to hang out and chat with my friends.

The keynotes by Juozas Kaziukėnas and Marco Pivetta were really good. I even managed to interview Juozas.

I was also quite impressed by Rowan Merewood‘s Progressive Web Apps talk and by Bastian Hoffmann‘s microservices & Kubernetes talk.

Another great edition of the Dutch PHP Conference. Now I need to remind myself to submit a presentation for next year’s edition. I have a keynote idea in mind, maybe I should work on that.

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