DrupalCon Vienna 2017 – VLOG 6

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DrupalCon Vienna 2017 is this year’s European edition of DrupalCon. I traveled to Vienna in Austria to be part of it: not just as an attendee, but as a speaker.

Although I’m a very experienced speaker (I’ve done 197 presentations in 15 countries), this was my first time as a DrupalCon speaker. I was of course very excited, an very honored.

As usual, I recorded a trip report where I combine the travel, the sights, the conference, and my own presentation.

Have a look at the video of my interpretation of DrupalCon Vienna 2017:

My DrupalCon Vienna presentation

If you’re interested in the JSON Web Tokens & Varnish talk I delivered at DrupalCon Vienna, have a look at this “bonus” video:

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