Cleaning Lady Notes: From Class Mess to PSR-4 Step by Step With Confidence

Written by Tomáš Votruba / Original link on Jul. 6, 2020

Today I'm starting a new post series - *Cleaning Notes*. These posts are for people who are [aspiring legacy migrators](/blog/2020/06/29/how-will-programming-look-like-in-2025/) with a vision to improve private PHP ecosystem and bring joy to coding with gigantic applications again. The same vision we have in the Rector team. In this series, you can learn about my experience, tricks, tips, and what fucked me up. So you **save some frustration, where is not needed, discover hidden shortcuts and cool tools you never saw before**. We start with the most problematic topic in PHP legacy, that every project needs, but almost none has - **transition to [PSR-4](**.


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