Books I read in 2018

Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Wednesday December 26, 2018
Tags: general, books

According to Goodreads, this year I read 9,544 pages across 28 books and that is down from the 38 books I read in 2017.

This year I wasn’t consistent in my reading. I would read everyday for a few months, then skip a month, then come back. I think a big reason for that was because I rode my bicycle more than ever after work and I was just ready for bed, so I would skip reading.

Either way I’m excited to share my list below on the ones I completed this year. It was a decent mixture of business, classics, and fiction. These are not rated or ranked, but are only books I finished so, in my opinion, they are good. At least good enough to keep me engaged and entertained.

Business / Work

Personal Finance

Modern Fiction



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