★ Asserting valid and invalid requests in Laravel

Written by / Original link on Oct. 12, 2021

Testing a Laravel project is one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had: there's a clean testing API, a very powerful layer added on top of testing frameworks; all while keeping the simplicity and eloquence you'd expect from a Laravel project.

Here's a great example of Laravel's powerful simplicity. Recently, an improved way to test whether a request has validation errors or not was added. You can now use assertValid and assertInvalid instead of assertSessionHasErrors or assertJsonValidationErrors:

->assertValid(['date', 'author'])
->assertInvalid(['title', 'body']);

It's even possible to check for specific validation errors:

->post(/* ⦠*/)

It's these kinds of little details that make testing a Laravel project so much fun!

If you want to up your testing game, check out our complete course about Testing Laravel. It teaches you how to test a Laravel application, from a beginner to master level.


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