★ A CLI tool to monitor GitHub Actions

Written by / Original link on Feb. 21, 2022

I'm proud to share that our team has launched a new CLI tool called GitHub Actions Watcher.

Using this tool, you can monitor the results of all your GitHub Actions. When installed, you can execute actions-watcher to see all results.

By default, the watcher will use the git repo and branch of the directory it is launched in. It will keep polling and refreshing results until all workflows of your repo have been completed.

Here's what it might look like when you've just pushed something to your repo.


The tool will now poll GitHub for any changes. When the actions have started, they'll get "In progress" status.


When all actions are done, the watcher's watch will end, and the results will be displayed.


The tool can also display the action results of private repos. To work with private repos, you must first execute execute actions-watcher login to let the tool authenticate with GitHub. No need to manually create a token, and store it somewhere. The tool can do that automatically for you.


Source diving the tool

Under the hood, this tool uses Laravel Zero and Termwind.

In this stream on YouTube, I'll guide you through the entire source code of the tool.

In closing

I'll be using this watcher myself mainly when working on packages. When pushing a change to GitHub, I'll use it to monitor the GitHub Actions. When they are finished successfully, I'll use the GitHub CLI to release a new version. It's very convenient that all of this can be done on the CLI.

This tool isn't the first thing that our team has open-sourced. On our website, you'll find a complete list of open source packages that we've released previously.

Do you like what our team does for open source? Then consider purchasing one of our paid products or sponsor us on GitHub.


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