30 Day Blogging Challenge

Written by Eric L. Barnes - - Aggregated on Tuesday December 2, 2014
Tags: Writing

Last month I took a 30 day blogging challenge. The goal was simple, write a new post every weekday for a month. Sounds easy right.

November had 20 weekdays and I managed to publish 16 posts. Which I honestly consider a succcess considering we had a holiday and I attended a conference. It’s the most posts in one month I’ve ever done on this site.

What I found most interesting is how much social media has token over blogging. Instead of really thinking about an idea and putting into a long form post, I write quick 140 character summary and after 10 minutes its forever lost in the abyss.

Going forward from this I do want to get into a better blogging routine, not daily but at least two posts a week. I believe this will help me improve my writing and get better at longer form.

Have you ever tried a challenge like this? If so what was your results? Would you be interested in doing it?

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