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Software Quality Award, 2020

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Nov. 2, 2019

This is the sixth year of theSoftware Quality Award. The maximum prizeis still the same—$4,096.The rules are still the same. Read on.Previous years are here:2015,2016,2017,2018,2019.Here is the formto fill out.Important! Starting this years rewards are given as donationsto a Zerocracy project. This…

SQL as a Service

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Oct. 28, 2019

I’ve been thinking about this since 2007, somewhere around the timeS3was launched by Amazon.I even tried to implement it a few times, but failed right after thedesign phase. I’ve heard about a startup, which tried to do it too,but also failed. I’m still not surewhether it’s possible to do, but it…

Date/Time Printing Can Be Elegant Too

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Sep. 26, 2019

I owe my pretty highStackOverflow reputation to this questionin particular, which I asked a few years ago: How do you print anISO 8601 date in Java?It managed to collect a lot of upvotes since then and 20+ answers, includingmy own one. Seriously,why didn’t Java, such a rich ecosystem, have a built-…

Trust Them to Get the Job Done, Not!

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on May. 27, 2019

There are twelveprinciples in the Agile Manifesto.The fifth one says: “Build projects around motivated individuals.Give them the environment and support they need,and trust them to get the job done.”I disagree. Strongly. This formula suggests treating people in a binary way: theyare either motivate…

Please, Don’t Improvise

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on May. 20, 2019

We all know what happens when a programmer decides how a web siteor a mobile app should look. It ends up looking ugly. And why is that? I don’t know exactly,but my best bet is on the left-brained natureof programmers, who mostly are rigid and logical mathematicians. UI design, to the contrary,requi… Cause + Risk + Effect

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on May. 13, 2019

“A project manager’s work should not focus on dealing with problems;it should focus on preventing them,”—this is howRita Mulcahy starteda chapter about Risk Management in her great bookPMP Exam Prep. Sounds smart, but how doesa project manager know about the problems which are supposed to beprevent…