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Traits and Mixins Are Not OOP

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Mar. 6, 2017

Let me say right off the bat that the features we will discuss here arepure poison brought to object-oriented programming by those who desperatelyneeded a lobotomy, just like David West suggested in hisObject Thinking book.These features have different names, but the most common ones aretraits andm…

StackOverflow Is Your Mandatory Tool

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Feb. 13, 2017

I've said beforethat your StackOverflow reputation is very importantto us when we make a decision onhow much we should paya software developer. However, there were many complaints about this metric.Take, for example, the ones hereand here.In a nutshell, so many of youdisagreed and said that the num…

Decorating Envelopes

Written by Yegor Bugayenko / Original link on Jan. 30, 2017

Sometimes Very often I need aclass that implements aninterface by making an instance of another class. Sound weird? Let me showyou an example. There are many classes of that kind in theTakes Framework,and they all are named like *Wrap. It's a convenient design concept that,unfortunately, looks rath…