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Our highlights from PHPBenelux 2019

Written by Yappa / Original link on Feb. 12, 2019

About 2 weeks ago our team of back-end developers visited the tenth edition of PHPBenelux. After attending quite a few talks over the 1,5-day conference we’ve highlighted three of them that we found most interesting. First, Kevin will tell you about Frank de Jonge’s talk concerning event sourcing.…

Piño, the debugger for SEO & accessibility

Written by Yappa / Original link on Jan. 17, 2019

Piño the debugger is your friend. He’s the guy who will check if somebody (cough cough) didn’t fill in a unique meta description for the page, or forgot to fill in the alt tag for an image. Piño won't just help out developers though, also their friends, family, forgetful colleagues... Let's take a…