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Myth #28: White space is wasted space

Written by UX Myths / Original link on Dec. 1, 2010

White space or “negative space”, referring to the empty space between and around elements of a design or page layout, is often overlooked and neglected.Although many may consider it a waste of valuable screen estate, white space is an essential element in web design and “is to be regarded as an act…

Myth #27: UX design is about usability

Written by UX Myths / Original link on Nov. 10, 2010

Designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than making a product usable. Usability allows people to easily accomplish their goals. UX design covers more than that, it’s about giving people a delightful and meaningful experience.A good design is pleasurable, thoughtfully crafted, makes…

Myth #26: Usability testing = focus groups

Written by UX Myths / Original link on Oct. 15, 2010

When it comes to collecting feedback from users, usability tests and focus groups are often confused although their goals are completely different.Focus groups assess what users say: a number of people gather in order to discuss their feelings, attitudes and thoughts on a given topic to reveal thei…