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Weekly Update 65

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 15, 2017

I actually got a lot of writing done this week! Plus travelled to Sydney and then Melbourne to speak at a couple of events so that's a pretty good week IMHO. What's especially good is that there's no more flights or hotel rooms in 2017 for me!As for this week, there's a bunch of stuff around a new…

Face ID Stinks

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 12, 2017

I've been gradually coming to this conclusion of my own free will, but Phil Schiller's comments last week finally cemented it for me: Face ID stinks.I wrote about the security implementations of Face ID just after it was announced and that piece is still entirely relevant today. To date, we haven't…

Weekly Update 64

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Dec. 8, 2017

Home. The US Congress trip was an epic experience but man it's nice to be back! I got home early Monday morning after a 34-hour door-to-door commute and have spent the last 4 days trying to readjust which means being dead tired by 8pm then up at 4am. Fun times.Anyway, this week is all about British…