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Weekly Update 285

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Mar. 4, 2022

With travel now behind me, I'm back to a stable schedule and doing these on time again. Mind you, I came home to some of the wildest weather I've ever seen here, but it was kinda cool to watch and the kids didn't complain getting days off school. Oh - and I also loaded a bunch of new data breaches…

Weekly Update 284

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Feb. 27, 2022

A little late this week as the tail end of travel bites into my time, but it's nice to be home again (albeit amidst a period of record rainfall). I'll get back on a normal schedule next week but for now, here's all the usual stuff in number 284, complete with a super cool "ransomwear" hoodie from…

Weekly Update 283

Written by Troy Hunt / Original link on Feb. 20, 2022

A super quick intro this week as I take a bit of time out before a hectic week. It's hotel room quality audio this week, but that's a temporary state before I'm back home next week. I hope you entry week 283, so much FUD to debunk on website identity verification...ReferencesI took issues - lots of…