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The Bullet Proof Symfony Command Naming

Written by Tomáš Votruba / Original link on Oct. 26, 2020

Today I was making a new package that handles 1-click scoping for monorepo packages. I created this command: use Symfony\Component\Console\Command; final class GenerateWorkflowCommand extends Command { } The hard question: how would you name it? bin/console ? bin/console generate bin/console genera…

How We Stopped Merging Pull Requests

Written by Tomáš Votruba / Original link on Oct. 12, 2020

...and let them opened for ages... no, just kidding. Don't forget to Merge But if you already accepted the pull-request, the issues are resolved, you still have to wait for CI to finish with green. If you're lucky, it's under 3 minutes, if you're open source 5-8 minutes and with private project 5-3…