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How Will Programming look like in 2025?

Written by Tomáš Votruba / Original link on Jun. 29, 2020

We often read about best practices in coding, what framework has new features, or what is new in PHP X. How one can change this to that, why is this technique good or bad, or what new package you can download to your project.That's only past or present.I'm just finishing the reading of [The Inevita…

Why Class Constants Should be Typed

Written by Tomáš Votruba / Original link on Jun. 22, 2020

Do you use PHP 7.4 [typed properties](/blog/2018/11/15/how-to-get-php-74-typed-properties-to-your-code-in-few-seconds/)? Do you know why?I use them, so **I don't have to think and validate the property type** every time. We just know its the type or PHP would crash otherwise.Until PHP 7.4 this was…