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Check your SQL

Written by Stefan Koopmanschap / Original link on Dec. 30, 2020

Recently I've been digging into an internal API for one of our customers because there were some complaints about the performance. Some, and only some, calls would take over 10 seconds to complete. These were all calls that were being used by XHR requests fetching data for display, and the users we…

Playing with WSL2

Written by Stefan Koopmanschap / Original link on Jul. 2, 2020

Some time ago I got fed up with the performance of Docker on Mac. Especially with the bigger projects I work on, the performance was getting horrible. After trying Windows for a bit, I switched to Windows because performance was better on Windows. But as I was using Docker for Windows on a project…

Cancelling WeCamp 2020

Written by Stefan Koopmanschap / Original link on Jun. 5, 2020

A couple of weeks ago we had an energy-draining meeting with the WeCamp 2020 team. While it was technically possible to organize WeCamp 2020, given the current crisis we had an interesting and lengthy discussion about whether it was the right thing to do. We ended the meeting with a very tough deci…