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Using jenv to select Java version on macOS

Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Dec. 2, 2020

When working on OpenWhisk, I discovered that it needed a different Java to the one I had installed. Looking around the Internet, I discovered jenv which shouldn't have surprised me as I use pyenv and I'm aware of rbenv too. As I use Homebrew, these are the commands I used. Firstly install jenv, the…

Using MailHog via Docker for testing email

Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Oct. 21, 2020

I recently needed to modify the emails that a client project sends out. It was set up to send via SMTP and so the easiest way to do this for me was to add a local MailHog instance and point the application at it. Manually running via Docker The quickest and easiest way to do this is via Docker. Man…

Dorothy Hodgkin

Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Oct. 13, 2020

Dorothy Hodgkin by J.S. Lewinski, 1697.© estate of J.S. Lewinski / National Portrait Gallery, London To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day today, I want to highlight Dorothy Hodgkin, a British chemist who made amazing discoveries with X-ray crystallography of molecules. In particular, she confirmed the str…