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A few Git tips

Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Mar. 30, 2021

I don't do that much that's clever with git, but I've found the following helpful. Automatically prune When you do a git fetch or git pull, you can ask it to remove remote tracking branches for a branch that has been removed on the remote by using the --prune flag. This can be automated globally wi…

OpenConnect on Mac

Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Mar. 23, 2021

One of my clients has recently moved to AnyConnect VPN and I've been having routing problems with the official Mac client. As my colleagues on Linux on the project have not had these issues, I investigated and installed the OpenConnect client. These are my notes after scouring the Internet to set…


Written by Rob Allen / Original link on Mar. 3, 2021

One thing that has annoyed me about receiving email is so-called tracker pixels. These usually 1x1px transparent images that are remotely loaded into HTML email enable the sender to track information about be. A good resource about them is No To Spy Pixels. As such I've tended to run my email clien…