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Me & Tinnitus: entry 2 [blog]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Jul. 14, 2021

To test if I'm suitable for the treatment I talked about in entry 1, and the only in-person appointment I'd need, I would have to have a hearing test. I've only ever had a hearing test when I was a kid and I do remember even then they mentioned there was some slight loss. Hearing is important to th…

Marbles2 - 5-Jul 2021 [devlog/marbles2]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Jul. 5, 2021

Ready for release. After nearly ten months of tinkering in the evening, the Marbles Squared ZX Spectrum Next port is going live this weekend. It's not that it actually took 10 months to develop, it's just along the way I learnt and wrote the code grid handling in assembly, and then I wrote an assem…

Me & Tinnitus: entry 1 [blog]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Jul. 1, 2021

I've set my foot on the first part of a journey that I'm not sure where it'll lead, but I do know that it's going to be emotional so this is the place I'll be putting those experiences. A little background Around 20 years ago my tinnitus came. Tinnitus, apparently affects 1 in 10 people. I'm one of…