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Marbles2 - 14-Oct 2020 [devlog/marbles2]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Oct. 14, 2020

Just starting out and really wanting to start something new whilst making a game that I would enjoy playing myself. I'm come to appreciate that I really like puzzles in games - whether it's spotting patterns or solving problems.So I'm beginning Marbles2 (or Marbles Squared) in NextBASIC.I've starte…

Sorting Algorithms Visualized [link]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Oct. 11, 2020

There's been many (many!) visualised sorting algos before, but this is particularly enjoyable - and beautiful a number of different algorithms are used to sort colour (a problem that's hard by itself).Really interesting stuff, but also reminds me that picking an algorithms that suits the dataset is…

Use React.memo() wisely [link]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Oct. 6, 2020

A useful focused post on React's memo function. Since moving away from classes (and forcing?) to use pure components with hooks, methods like shouldComponentUpdate can be a bit of a black box.This post reminds me that all components are re-rendered (in memory at least) unless memo is used, and some…