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Me & Tinnitus: entry 4 [blog]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Sep. 17, 2021

Continuing my short diary of tinnitus treatment using the Lenire device (entry 1, 2, 3), I'm now at the 6 week mark. The entire treatment period is 12 weeks, and at this point in time, I have a consultant appointment to ask how I'm getting on, and then to return the device for an adjustment and the…

MIDI controller to PS/2 - part 1 [blog]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Sep. 2, 2021

A little while back I saw a technical demo that used the shell of MIDI controller and inserted a PS/2 keyboard (effectively) under the keys to then control a program on the ZX Spectrum Next. This prompted me to buy a MIDI controller but I didn't want to gut out the new hardware. So instead I found…

The Whole Truth (DI Adam Fawley, #5) [book]

Written by Remy Sharp / Original link on Aug. 30, 2021

Unstoppable page turner. I'm not known for reading books quickly - heck, the last book I read was 45 pages (or 80 pages, or 90 pages, or something low according to Kindle) and it took me a week to read. This book is 400+ pages and I swallowed it in a matter of days. I cannot resist Hunter's writing…