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Solving OpenAPI and JSON Schema Divergence

Written by Phil Sturgeon / Original link on Apr. 13, 2018

Update 2020-02-02: This article has been replaced entirely, as the proposed workaround was written into a now abandoned project Speccy, and the long-term proposed solution “Alternative Schemas” has been punted to a later version of OpenAPI due to complications with the form it took. Instead of usin…

OpenAPI and JSON Schema Divergence: Part 1

Written by Phil Sturgeon / Original link on Mar. 30, 2018

This article is going to explain the divergence between OpenAPI and JSON Schema, which I’ve been calling the subset/superset/sideset problem. It’ll finish up explaining how we’re going to solve it, and ~I’ll write part 2 when it is solved~ part two explains the solution. Update 2020-02-02: JSON Sch…

Still Going on REST is the new SOAP

Written by Phil Sturgeon / Original link on Jan. 21, 2018

One month after A Response to REST is the new SOAP and I'm still having a productive dialog with the author, helping him understand how REST works. I thought it might interest some of you too. Pakal de Bonchamp Thanks for the lengthy article - we unexpectedly agree on many things. I'll try to summa…