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Do you have an exit strategy?

Written by Matthias Noback / Original link on Oct. 14, 2021

It's an extremely common problem in legacy code bases: a new way of doing things was introduced before the team decided on a way to get the old thing out. Famous examples are: Introducing Doctrine ORM next to Propel Introducing Symfony FrameworkBundle while still using Zend controllers Introducing…

Where do types come from?

Written by Matthias Noback / Original link on Sep. 14, 2021

In essence, everything is a string. Well, you can always go one layer deeper and find out what a string really is, but for web apps I work on, both input data and output data are strings. The input is an HTTP request, which is a plain-text message that gets passed to the web server, the PHP server,…

Quick Testing Tips: Self-Contained Tests

Written by Matthias Noback / Original link on Sep. 1, 2021

Whenever I read a test method I want to understand it without having to jump around in the test class (or worse, in dependencies). If I want to know more, I should be able to "click" on one of the method calls and find out more. I'll explain later why I want this, but first I'll show you how to get…