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Querying your Redux store with GraphQL

Written by blog / Original link on Dec. 21, 2020

Rationale I love React and I love Redux, but one of the things I struggle with a lot is how complicated the latter can make codebases. You add it and look away for five seconds and suddenly it's all boilerplate and wiring code, sometimes to do very simple things. But we've had pretty cool tech […]

Pulse podcast: Between Us #2: PHP

Written by blog / Original link on Nov. 30, 2020

On this episode of madewithlove's Pulse podcast, Vinch Battaglia, CTO in residence, welcomes Wouter Sioen, software engineer, and Jonas Drieghe, software engineer, all members of the madewithlove team. We use PHP in-house and on our client projects so we decided to discuss why that is. Listen to th…