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Running Kibana with Sense

Written by blog / Original link on Dec. 18, 2017

I used to debug some Elasticsearch queries using the Sense Chrome extension, but since it got blocked on Chrome due to malware I have been missing it. But Kibana has the Sense plugin on it since version 4, let's see how we can use it in our local docker setup.

How to integrate your Laravel app with Elasticsearch

Written by blog / Original link on Mar. 5, 2017

Searching is an important part of many applications, and it is most of the time treated as a simple task. "Just query using LIKE and we're good to go". Well, while the LIKE clause can be handy, sometimes we have to do it in a better way. After researching for a while I found a few good resources on…

PHP UK Conference 2017

Written by blog / Original link on Feb. 23, 2017

Frederick and I (Hannes) went to PHP UK last week! I was invited to speak again, for the second year in a row. After attending in 2015, this was my third time that I attended this conference. Here's our recap of this year's event.