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Sphinx front matter and template variables

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Sep. 10, 2021

I'm building a docs-as-code site at work at the moment (you can peek if you like and working with ReStructuredText in this setup is new to me. One thing I really missed was the concept of front matter, which I'm not sure is even official or documented but seems to be rea…

Hold Attention on the Virtual Stage

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Aug. 8, 2021

How do I ensure that I keep my attendees' attention when I'm presenting virtually? I don't. I have seen a few tactics for holding people's attention during virtual events. One is to require everyone present to perform a particular action such as typing a message or clicking an icon, several times…

Best Things About Developer Advocacy

Written by Lorna Jane / Original link on Apr. 26, 2021

There are some excellent articles around about what a Developer Advocate does, but have you ever wondered WHY we do what we do? I tried to articulate this when chatting with another developer lately, and I'm still thinking about it! So I thought I'd write it down to share a little more widely why I…