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Introducing Docker Starter 3.0

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Jul. 2, 2020

Last year, we released our Docker Starter project. This starter kit is the working basis for nearly every project here at JoliCode.It’s a real pleasure for us to work with, shared with some gentle contributors 💛.Today, we are very happy to announce the release of the version 3.0! 🎉Docker Starter in…

A Journey to find a memory leak

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Jul. 1, 2020

In this article, I will cover my journey to find and fix a memory leak in a PHPapplication. The final patch is simple, but only the journey is important,right?IntroductionIn our application, we had a worker that consumed a lot of RAM. After 10seconds, the consumption reached about 1.5Gb! I use to…

Améliorer la DX de vos Fixtures PHP

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Jun. 24, 2020

Les fixtures sont utilisées pour charger des données définies par les développeursdans une base de données. Elles sont très utiles en environnement dedéveloppement car elles permettent d'avoir une application avec plusieurs jeuxde données qui correspondent à ce qu'il se passe en production. Ainsi,…