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Introducing Docker Starter 2.0

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Jan. 8, 2020

For this first article of the year 2020 on our blog, we wanted to wish you all the best for this coming year! ✨Six months ago we released our docker-starter. This is a starter-kit for our projects based on Docker, PHP and Nginx.Since then, we have enhanced the project a lot. Here is a small recap:T…

UUID generation in PHP

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Nov. 29, 2019

We have been using UUID for years and different ways to generate UUID exist.I prefer the PECL extension over the ramsey/uuid because it’s simpler and more straightforward. Few weeks ago, with Nicolas Grekas we had the idea to port the PECL extension to plain PHP as a Symfony Polyfill. Then, we want…

PHP 7.4 FFI: What you need to know

Written by JoliCode / Original link on Nov. 28, 2019

(🇫🇷 Lire la version en Français ici)PHP Foreign Function Interface, or FFI for fans, is a PHP extension that allows you to include with ease some externals libraries into your PHP code. That means it's possible to use C, Go, Rust, etc. shared library directly in PHP without writing a PHP Extension …