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MySQL 8.0: Preview @ PHPWorld

Written by Gabriela D'Ávila / Original link on Nov. 15, 2017

These are the slides for my MySQL 8.0 Preview: What is coming? At PHPWorld 2017.Abstract:Yes, you read it correctly, we are jumping from 5.7 to 8.0 (that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). The new version doesn’t only change the number but also changes how you write SQL. Recursive queries will allow yo…

Playing with Ruby modules: prepend

Written by Gabriela D'Ávila / Original link on Jul. 31, 2017

In the past month or so I’ve been learning Ruby, this is my first blog post about the language and my experiences learning it. I’d love to hear your feedback.Ruby allows you to work with modules and mixins, giving characteristics to classes and instances that otherwise could only happen through inh…