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Promises in PHP

Written by Evert Pot / Original link on Jun. 24, 2014

We just released sabre/event 2.0 last week, featuring support for Promises. It's still kinda rare to need Promises in PHP. PHP isn't asynchronous the same way languages such as javascript are, and there's no real eventloop, unless you're one of the few that use libevent in PHP. It actually took me…

HTTP/1.1 just got a major update.

Written by Evert Pot / Original link on Jun. 7, 2014

The IETF just published several new RFCs that update HTTP/1.1: RFC 7230: Message Syntax and Routing RFC 7231: Semantics and Content RFC 7232: Conditional Requests RFC 7233: Range Request RFC 7234: Caching RFC 7235: Authentication RFC 7236: Authentication Scheme Registrations RFC 7237: Method Regist…

sabre/dav 2.0 released.

Written by Evert Pot / Original link on May. 22, 2014

I just released sabre/dav 2.0. It's been 18 months since 1.8, and almost 5 years since the 1.0 release, so it's been a long time coming. PHP 5.3 support is now dropped, PSR-4 adopted, and it spawned two new php packages: sabre/event and sabre/http. Hopefully they are useful beyond the realm of sabr…