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Bulgaria Web Summit 2015

Written by Evaldo Junior (InFog) / Original link on Apr. 22, 2015

So, I attended to my first conference as a speaker out of Brazil! Wow! It wasa very nice experience and I want to share how it was for me.I was a speaker for some Brazilian conferences in the past few years and whenI moved to Germany in the end of 2014 I was decided to give it a try and submitsome…

Using Fedora for a week

Written by Evaldo Junior (InFog) / Original link on Oct. 1, 2014

A week ago I decided to try a different GNU/Linux distro for my desktop. I useDebian for many years and I like to try a new distro nowand then, you know, just to leave my comfort zone for a while.The distro for the week should be different from what I’m used to, so the manyDebian flavors were not…