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IDEs vs Text Editors

Written by Evaldo Junior (InFog) / Original link on Apr. 12, 2017

IDEs are out there and they are a natural evolution for developers. IDEs canhelp with several tasks, from simple code formating to code generation andadvanced refactoring techniques.Still, simple text editors with features like code highlighting and wordcompletion are still there. Sublime Text,Atom…

Make it testable

Written by Evaldo Junior (InFog) / Original link on Oct. 21, 2015

I really like the way Symfony is changing the PHP community and in generalleading us to a better place. It’s really nice to see people using goodpractices in their daily work and pet projects.But I still have one concern with Symfony2 projects: The heavy dependency onthe container. I mean, don’t…

Don't give up on your tests

Written by Evaldo Junior (InFog) / Original link on May. 27, 2015

It’s a new day and you are about to start a new project. It’s not a public/opensource project, it’s a private one, for the company you are working for.You sit together with your team and everyone is excited about the possibility touse new technologies and play with all the new tools everyone is tal…