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How to install PHP 7.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Written by Dev Metal / Original link on Dec. 6, 2015

You want to install PHP 7 within 60 seconds ? No problem, but first make sure you have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) here, sudo rights and no existing version of PHP on this system. Please note that this is only for Ubuntu, not for other operating systems! It might work too on The post…

This is an experimental advertisement

Written by Dev Metal / Original link on Jul. 30, 2015

The blogosphere is full of annoying flash banners, GoogleAds and questionable product placements. So… let’s try out something new. :) This article was written quite a while ago (2 years), please keep this in mind when using the information written here. Links, code and commands might be outdated or…