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In defence of Mocking Frameworks

Written by Dave Marshall / Original link on May. 14, 2020

Recently Frank de Jonge published a blog post on Testing without mockingframeworks,it's a good read and a well thought out post, but there are a few things Idisagree with. This post will be my commentary, you might want to read Frank'spost first.I do have some skin in the game here, I'm one of the…

Using closures as PHPUnit After Hooks

Written by Dave Marshall / Original link on Dec. 22, 2016

Not sure why I didn't start doing this sooner. We have a basic Feature togglesystem that is maintained in the global scope to make it easily accessible toany part of the code:Feature::isEnabled("something_awesome");I needed to force a particular feature on in a PHPUnit integration test,but in orde…