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How To Install PHP 8.0

Written by - Blog / Original link on Nov. 28, 2020

PHP 8.0 has just been released! This new major version adds several significant features and improvements to the language like attributes, match expressions, Just-In-Time compilation (JIT), and much more! Here's a brief guide on how to install PHP 8.0 on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X: Ubuntu PHP 8.0…

Testing PHP 8 With Docker

Written by - Blog / Original link on Aug. 6, 2020

The first beta release of PHP 8 is here! We're now one step closer to the scheduled release of PHP 8.0.0 stable on November 26th. Developers looking to get a head-start on testing their applications (or just looking to play with the new features) can easily use Docker to start testing today. The of…