A package to handle enums

Recently we released a new package called enum . In a new post on his blog Brent tells you what the benefit of working with enums is and how our package …

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Going deep on UUIDs and ULIDs

Over at the Honeybadger blog, Starr Horne wrote an interesting article on the different types of UUIDs and ULIDs. UUIDs are and will continue to be the …

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JavaScript’s two zeros

JavaScript has two zeros: −0 and +0. This post explains why that is and where it matters in practice.

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Analytics for developers

Brent shares a few tips on how your can interpret data from Analytics correctly. I've been running this blog for almost three years now. I've used Google …

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Forward calls in a Laravel app

Neat little Laravel internal tip: When you want one of your classes to forward method calls to a different class, you can use the "ForwardsCalls" trait. The …

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